Year 10 Students take part a week long WOW workshop

Worlds of Work (WOW) is a national FYA (Foundations for Young Australians) initiative that builds the skills and beliefs that young people need to make successful transitions into life beyond school. Over one intensive week, WOW takes Year 10 students on a journey that broadens their view on what it means to be successful in the changing world of work.

This is achieved through:

  • FYA-facilitated workshops focusing on personal development and future employment.
  • conversations with employees from a number of Australia’s leading workplaces.
  • support from schools and teachers.Through collaboration young people and employees alike learn that it takes courage, imagination and will to succeed in life and work.

Here is what our students had to say about the week….

"This week was an amazing journey and the advice will stick with me through life. It was inspiring to hear about everyone’s life – their jobs and happiness. Thought success was money, now realise it is being happy.”

"It was so great experiencing different things in unfamiliar environments. Talking with inspiring people encourages you to strive for your dreams in life. Thought success was money, now I know it’s being happy.”

"I now know the key to success is being happy. The workplaces were great and it was amazing to meet new people.”

"It was so much fun going to the different places. I am proud as an ESL student that I finished the week. Everyone all week reminded me that my English is good.”

"This week has helped me to see that it is not as scary going out into the working world. There are so many opportunities out there to fall back on. At QBE so many of the mentors had never thought about working in insurance, they fell into that kind of work and love it.”

"Thought success was about money and being filthy rich. Now I know it is the opposite – being happy with your achievements. Anyone can be successful and you are probably already working towards it.”

"Speaking to people I would never get the chance to speak to was amazing – meeting inspiring adults. Life is more fun than I thought. It doesn’t matter if you experience setbacks, you just have to keep trying.”

"I got a taste of real life. In school you get told everything and it sounds scary – once you are out there, it’s not as scary. The workplaces were laidback and fun. It looks much easier once you know.”

"I learnt that if you respect others, you will be respected back. I learnt that body language is very important as it tells people a lot about you.”

"I was insecure about my future. Talking to mentors reassured me that anything is possible – no matter who you are, or where you come from. I was given meaningful and inspiring advice that will influence my life.”

"I now know my dream – to help people. To travel around the world and help them learn the skills I am learning.”

"I learnt that success is not just an education to be out there and earning money and starting a career. I don’t enjoy school, however to play sport I have to do the work. This week was so fun to hear meaningful life points and that success is a result of hard work.”

"I made a lot of friends and had great fun. The best part was going to the businesses and hearing about their definitions of success and hearing their stories.”

"This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I learnt to be happy is to succeed in life. There will always be jobs out there that suit me. My confidence is boosted. Visiting the businesses helped me a lot with deciding a career, there are so many choices. It was very inspiring talking to strangers with different views on things from different perspectives.”

"I thought money was the key to life. Changed my perspective of life, school and work. Success is having a family, love and passion for life.”

"Met so many amazing people and learnt so much for now and the future.”

"This week was an amazing journey. I am now more positive about myself. I learnt a lot about myself with the amazing advice given to me.”


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