Students participating in the automotive program rarely have the opportunity to see, let alone visit a site where heavy earthmoving equipment is sold, rented, serviced, maintained and rebuilt all under the one roof.


Six students had this opportunity to witness the multimillion operation which is CATERPILLAR INTERNATIONAL, where they had an excellent informative guided tour and were able to ask questions. They soon realized that that the civil world of construction is far different to that of the automotive industry and many career paths are available within the industry and these career paths are not restricted to doing a four year diesel fitter / mechanic apprenticeship. As Sarah our tour guide pointed out, Australian trade qualifications are recognized internationally and should a student wish to travel once their apprenticeship is completed, the horizons and opportunities will open.

Caterpillar is also very focused on providing further advancement for those workers who wish to undertake a career path within the company.

The students were accompied by their automotive teacher Joe Varga and myself, John Ackers, and we to also had the opportunity to gain further knowledge and understanding of such an important industry.

In a final classroom presentation Sarah (from HR) pointed out that they hire apprentices across the various fields of operation. She also provided the students with a no nonsense explanation as to the standard of apprentice they were looking for and a number of expectations that would be required for a successful candidate.

In summary I would like to that William Adams Cat, Sarah and Allister for providing our students with a well-informed tour / visit.

Joe and I would also like to commend the six students for the outstanding way they participated in the tour.

John Ackers