People you should know in 2023

The following list is provided to help both students and parents become familiar with some important members of staff.


Principal Class
Executive Principal: Simon Sherlock

Assistant Principals:
Jamie Fardell
Shelley Haughey
Jo Tippett

Business Manager: Sue Quinn


Teaching and Learning Executive
Year 11&12 Curriculum: Meagan Chappel
Victorian Curriculum: Natasha Duff
Inclusion: Karen Sherlock
Numeracy Learning Specialist: Melissa Martin
Applied Learning Learning Specialist: Sarah Sloan
Literacy Learning Specialist: Nat Zilic


Engagement and Wellbeing Executive

Wellbeing: Emma Kelly
Junior Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yr7): Andrew Reading
Middle Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yr10): Lachlan Moss
Senior Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yr11&12): Elsie Anderson
Year 11 Level Leader: Avrinder Sharma
Year 12 Level Leader: Zoe Carney


Attendance & Student Liaison
Year 7 Student Liaison Officer: Deb Crew
Year 10 Student Liaison Officer: Chelsea Lovitt
Year 11&12 Student Liaison Officer: Jade Oliver Rutherford
Attendance Officer: Bianca Collard