As you may know, the Minister for Education released a new Students Using Mobile Phones Policy for all Victorian government schools on 7 October 2019. 

Mobile phones have become an important and invaluable part of our modern lifestyle. The school understands that there are times when possession of a mobile phone can provide a sense of safety and security while travelling to and from school.

Hallam Senior College seeks to provide a safe and positive learning experience for every student where the focus is on learning and students are engaged and supported to reach their full potential. The College seeks to minimise factors which may distract from the focus on learning. The College is also committed to creating a child safe environment protecting children from all forms of abuse and neglect.

The Hallam Senior College Mobile Phone/Device Policy is based on the ministerial policy formally issued by the Minister for Education under section 5.2.1(2)(b) of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

This policy requires that from Term 1 2020, students who choose to bring personal mobile devices to school must have them switched off and securely stored during school hours, including recess and lunchtime.


This policy applies to:

1. All students at Hallam Senior College

2. Personal mobile devices brought onto school grounds during school hours, including recess and lunchtime

3. All college learning and engagement activities including lessons, excursions, incursions, study lessons, library and other school activities including sports.

Personal mobile devices refer to mobile phones and smart watches, Fitbits that receive text messages and any other devices that send or receive messages. School grounds refer to inside the boundary fence.


Click here to read the College’s policy