On Monday 28th April, the senior girls and boys played in the Southern Metro Region finals at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong. After coming up with a fierce draw from the beginning, the Boys fought hard but ended up winning 1 out of the two games, therefore not progressing to the finals. Zach Patch was a new addition to the team and proved his worth time and time again. Cassius and Douglas continued to make the opposition work hard for each point. Well done to the boys. 

The senior girls also came out hard demonstrating excellent teamwork and intimidation. Jacinta Baker led the team to the finals after winning both qualifying games. Danielle Danielson's power serves were unbelievable and the team really united coming down to the final game with the result being point for point. Unfortunately the girls just missed out losing by 5 points to Frankston.

A fantastic day overall and a huge congratulations to both teams for making it so far.