There are over 70 Schools in the City of Casey, serviced by over 240 school crossing supervisors. Over 35,000 students attend these schools each day, travelling by foot, private vehicles and public transport.

The City of Casey encourages drivers, parents and others responsible for children, to carefully read the information below to minimise the risk of accident or injury at and around school crossings.


Why are school crossings important? 

Children do no have a well developed sense of danger. They also do not have well developed peripheral (side) vision or spatial sense. This makes it difficult for them to properly judge the safe time to cross a road. Supervised school crossings were formally introduced in the 1970s to protect children from this risk.


As a driver what am I required to do around school crossings? 

When approaching school crossings, slow down to 40km/h or less, watch for children and remember not to stop too close to the crossing.

You MUST stop before the STOP LINE marked on the road once the stop sign is displayed to you.

The crossing must be completely vacated of all pedestrians before proceeding, including the supervisor.

Also watch for, and obey, the instructions of the School Crossing Supervisor.

Look for parking restriction signs and make sure to obey them.


Please view School Crossing Safety 2018 (pdf) for more information about the types of controls or restrictions that exist around our school.