On 27th October, Year 11 Physics students were treated to a very special opportunity, visiting highly secure aircraft maintenance facilities at Melbourne airport.

The field trip served as an observation activity to support their Aerospace outcomes in Physics.

The field trip included a visit to BAE Systems first. There, student learned about the Boeing 737, viewing inside and around the aircraft.

They then proceeded to a visit at Jetstar where again, students were treated to an opportunity they will never forget, getting an intimate look at an Airbus A320 and the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Students even got to sit in the cockpit!

From there, students visited their third destination; the Victoria Police Air Wing where they were able to compare the aviation technology of a helicopter to that of a fixed wing aircraft. While this is usually an annual event for Hallam's Year 11 Physics classes, for many students, to get so close to aircraft in maintenance facilities is in fact a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hallam Senior College wishes to extend its sincere thanks to Aviation Aerospace Australia, BAE Systems, Jetstar and the Victoria Police Air Wing, and the people in these organisations, for making this amazing field trip possible.

Rob Zreczycki