Live No Fear

During the Term 2 holidays some of our talented students volunteered to participate in a Music Industry Initiative to produce a music video clip with students from two other schools.

The project is a music industry initiative to develop a hip-hop song about safety, in particular knife crime, developed by youth for youth. Developed by young people, Live No Fear sends the message that living without fear is the best way to reduce the chance of being involved in a violent or threatening situation.

The thinking around Live No Fear is to spread the idea that carrying knives and weapons in response to fear is like a virus. The more people carry, the more unsafe everyone becomes, and then more people feel they need carry, and so on, and so on. Live No Fear brings young people together using music, film and other creative channels to support the Live No Fear message, and live it.

The track is one of a series of initiatives under the Knives Scar Lives campaign, which included traditional advertising such as billboards, print ads and online advertising but has broadened its reach with community partnerships to help educate people about the dangers of carrying knives and about the new laws expected to come into effect soon.

Under the new laws, people who are caught carrying a knife or controlled weapon face an on the spot fine of $1,000. This is doubled in and around a licensed venues. It will also be illegal to sell knives to anyone aged under 18.

The students gained a lot of very valuable experience and established some excellent links with other students and professionals within the music industry. Hallam Senior College is very proud of Binasa Beslagic, Tyla Katte, Noel Obura, Dana Tuilotolava, Kenneth Diaz and Cyrus Jentzen for their effort and dedication to this project.

We strongly recommend you take the time to view the music clip.

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