Wellbeing support over the school holidays

To support student wellbeing over the school holidays, DET (Department of Education and Training) have a guide that provides some great and easy tips on how to continue looking after one’s mental health and wellbeing over the school holidays, and includes services to reach out to if support is required. The resource below also includes mental health support weblinks and has useful mental health support resources.

Class of 2020 Last Day Celebrations

Year 12 Last Day Celebrations
Today we farewelled our Year 12’s with an un-traditional COVID-safe Farewell breakfast. Well done on managing what has been a challenging year. Even though they spent more days learning remotely than at school this year, we know going through such a challenging year has developed their resilience and character. We are so glad you could come back together to finish off your schooling.
Best of luck in the coming weeks for those sitting exams. Enjoy your celebrations and thank you for your positive contribution to Hallam Senior College.