2017 College Awards

Held at the Bunjil Place, Narre Warren on Wednesday 20thDecember, Our Graduation Ceremony was a final chance to celebrate the achievements of our graduating class of 2017.

Our outgoing Year 12 students were presented with their VCE or VCAL certificates and our high achievers were recognized in front of their family and peers. Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students who have now finished their Secondary Education and are about to embark on their next adventures.

Year 10 & 11 students were presented with their awards at Hallam Senior College on Wednesday 13th December

To the students who worked hard and are happy with their results, you should be proud of your achievements. For those who may be disappointed, remember that life provides many entry points into satisfying work, study and relationships.
So be ready to recognise the next one and go forward into a bright future.

Congratulations to the following award winners.


College Awards

VCE Highest Achiever (College Dux)
Student who received the highest ATAR for 2017.
Awarded to: Nathan Young

VCAL Highest Achiever
Student nominated by staff who through their effort and enthusiasm has achieved the highest results in their VCAL Certificate.
Awarded to: Ruby Hodge

ADF Award Winner: Alisena Alisena & Sohalia Ahmadi

Caltex Award Winner: James McBride

The Snowgum Outdoor and Environmental Studies Award: Chloe Pratsis

Liam Bourke Memorial Award for Outdoor Education:
Rhyan Green

Monash University Extension Award: Leida Mehr

ACE Foundation Encouragement Award Winners:
Stephanie Loomes
Asiah Goldsmith
Kira Sargeant
Kiran verma
Kieran Braithwaite Deegan
Sarib Ahmad


Year 12


Art: Amatul Chandio

Biology: Tess Robertson

Business Management: Jeremija Dukanac

Drama: Joshua Lehmann

English (General): Mikaela Dakic

English (Excell): Nathan Young

English as Another Language: Tamara Stojiljkovic

Food Studies: Jasmine Delios Meade

Health & Human Development: Haylee Stewart

History: Jasmine Delios-Meade

Legal Studies: Leida Mehr

Mathematics: Further Mathematics: Rebecca King

Mathematics: Methods: Faraidoon Alimi

Mathematics: Specialist: Brayden West

Media: Joshua Lehmann

Outdoor & Environmental Studies: Chloe Pratsis

Philosophy: Mikaela Dakic

Physical Education: Brad Laughton

Physics: Nathan Young

Product Design & Technology: Textiles: Melissa Mahony

Psychology: Rebecca King

Sociology: Tess Robertson

Software development:

Studio Arts: Lavinia Beaton

Systems Engineering: Calvin Nguyen



Senior Literacy: Ashlee Clark

Senior Numeracy: Britney Trathan

Senior PDS: Ruby Hodge



Automotive Studies: Jayden Jeffs

Building & Construction: Jared Guirney

Business: Ashley McClean

Community Services: Kasey Mockett

Furniture Making: Jamie Lappen

Hairdressing: Melissa Eid

Health Services Assistance: Chloe Battistello

Information, Digital Media & Technology: Ibrahim Mohd Shah

Integrated Technologies: Dylan Presta

Kitchen Operations: Maddie Tolmie

Music Industry: Performance: Abigail Mateos

Music Industry: Technical Production: Manea Ara

Music Industry: Daniel Giurgiu

Retail Makeup & Skincare: Melissa Eid

Screen & Media: Andy Tieu

Sport & Recreation: Jayden Lay

Visual Arts: Ashlee Clarke


Year 11


Accounting: Karanita Seve

Art: Paul Khat

Biology: Faraidoon Almi

Business Management: Maddison Formaran

Chemistry: Faraidoon Alimi

Computing: Jenhoe (Alvin) KAM

Drama: Jarrod Luxmore

Legal Studies: Faraidoon Alimi

English Literature: Harrison Brown

English (General): Ally Gray

English (Excel): Abigail Tangapiri

English as Another Language (EAL): Hoor Ahmadi

Health & Human Development: Abigail Tangapiri

History: Madalyn Rowlands

Mathematics- Foundation: Aiden Blythman

Mathematics – General: Jayden Camilleri

Mathematics – Methods: Sandra Lao

Media: James O’Neil

Outdoor & Environmental Studies: Ally Gray

Philosophy: Jaydan Marven

Physical Education: Luke Scott

Physics: Shaharyar Ahmed

Product Design & Technology: Textiles: Karima Karima

Product Design & Technology: Wood: Thomas Foster

Psychology: Luke Scott

Studio Arts: Karima Karima

Systems Engineering: Ben Stewart



Intermediate Literacy: Seth Lehmann

Intermediate Numeracy: Aiden Blythman

Intermediate PDS: Andy Tith



Automotive Studies: Javid Nawroz

Beauty Services: Tianie Schuiling

Building & Construction: Brandon Byne

Business: Angela Tuimaseve

Community Services: Sajeda Zaki

Hairdressing: Kristy Skilton

Health Services Assistance: Jessica Lidsey

Information, Digital Media & Technology: Liam Benis

Integrated Technologies: Connor Light

Kitchen Operations: Hans Alamodin

Music Industry: Performance: Olivia Corkran

Music Industry: Technical Production: Rachael Ward

Plumbing: Mohamad Chahine

Screen & Media: Jarrod Luxmore

Sport & Recreation: Chloe Hendy

Visual Arts: Sera Akar


Year 10

Alive: Harrison Don

Art: Trisha Hoang

Beauty Blitz: Angelita Stewart

Blood And Bones (Biology): Matthew Torre

Body in Balance (Chemistry): Jaime Stanes

Building Specialist Program: Billy Naylor

Critically Sport: Bailey Mustapha

Drama: Journey Rupene

English (General): Paige Formaran

English (Excel): Cooper Andrews

English as Another Language (EAL): Sahil Mudunuru

Flight of the Drones (Physics): Alisena Alisena

Food Glorious Food: Chloe Hendy

Future of Music: Tuma Feulufal Maxwell

Gigatechies: Alisena Alisena

Gizmos, Gadgets and Inventions (Physics): Jordan Sutton

Gladiators Of Sport: Luke Voudouris

Heroes in Healthcare: Alanah West

Law and Order: Paige Formaran

Mathematics – Real Life (Essential): Bailey Mather

Mathematics – Mainstream (General): Seth Meloury

Mathematics – Mainstream (Excel): Cooper Andrews

Media Arts: Bailey Mather

Money Matters: Paige Foremaran

My Business Rules: Nitalyae Te Haara

Photography: Farrah Esmaty

Sport for all: Dejan Kopanja-Olah

Sports Science: Jordan Sutton

STEM: Alisena Alisena

Strange Minds: Faith Douglas

Try A Trade – Automotive & Electrotechnology: Novak Djukic

Try A Trade – Building and Product Design: George Skaliaris

Try A Trade – Landscaping: Jordan Lafaele



Foundation Literacy: Keeley Wallace

Foundation Numeracy: Montana Cummings

Foundation PDS: Ola Kiki