2016 Sports Awards Night
Hallam Sports Academy – Sportsperson of the Year Award Winners:  Nathan Malloy (Male) &  Tiffany Brodie (Female)

On Wednesday 12th October, Hallam Sports Academy held its annual Sports Awards evening to recognize the success and achievements of the student-athletes in the Hallam Senior College Sports Academy.

Students and staff were joined by representatives of various sporting bodies and celebrated what has been another outstanding year for the program and Hallam Senior College. The evening recognized the substantial achievements of Hallam’s student-athletes, the hard working members of staff and the other valuable supporters of the Academy. 

The night was made even more successful by the in house catering of Hallam’s VET Hospitality students who demonstrated their outstanding skills and cooking talents to all the guests before the event. The evening started with a recap of the year and a highlights video to showcase the various sports and their success and experiences throughout the year.

After a warm welcoming from the College Principal and Head of Sport, guest speaker Angelo Leaupepe a former student from Hallam Senior College described life after school and the ventures he was undertaking since departing from the College. The night was filled with enjoyment and gratitude, as we celebrated what a terrific year it has been in the Hallam Senior College Sports Academy.

Congratulations to Nathan Malloy and Tiffany Brodie for receiving the prestigious Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year and congratulations to all students who received the following sporting accolades for 2016.


Sportsperson of the Year 2016

Hallam Sports Academy Sportsperson of the Year
Nathan Malloy (Male) &  Tiffany Brodie (Female)


Australian Rules Boys 2016

Senior Coaches Award: Brandon Hogan

Intermediate Coaches Award: Luke Scott

Senior Best and Fairest: James Harrison

Intermediate Best and Fairest: Jake Carosella

Most Determined Player: Bailey Asher

Rising Star Award: Jamie Plumridge

Most Consistent: Darcy Hope

Outstanding Leadership: Jai Rout

Most Improved: Jack Collins-Ellis


Australian Rules Girls 

Outstanding Service: Teegan Dale

Rising Star Award: Charis Ulu Peniata

Senior Coaches Award: Emily Meszaros

Best and Fairest: Kayla Germanier


Softball & Baseball 

Senior Coaches Award: Montanna Mitchell

Senior Best and Fairest – Female:
Camryn Whitlock-Shoppee

Senior Best and Fairest Award – Male:
Maxwell Chew



Most Improved Player: Caitlin White

Leadership Award:
Courtney Gal (Female) & Nathan Malloy (Male)

Defensive Player of the Year: Tyrone Tonkin

Senior Coaches Award:
Alisha Hayden (Female) & Ben Donaldson (Male)

Intermediate Coaches Award:
Tayla DeGroot (Female) & Hoor Ahmadi  (Male)

Intermediate Most Valuable Player:
Jessica Tansey & Daniela Sprague (Female)
Cody Fredrickson (Male)

Senior Most Valuable Player Award:
Darcy Meehan (Female) &  Dylan Larkin (Male)



Leadership Award: Hailey Trait

Rising Star Award: Jessica Coburn

Senior Coaches Award: Aroha Tou

Intermediate Coaches Award: Peyton Coghlan- Savage

Senior Most Valuable Player: Olivia Hansen

Intermediate Most Valuable Player: Tayla O’Brien


Football (Soccer) 

Leadership Award: Joseph Jones

Most Improved: Erhan Yuksek

Senior Coaches Award: Slewa Khorani

Intermediate Coaches Award: Adrian Ruisi

Intermediate Best and Fairest: Sayed Fatemi

Senior Best and Fairest: Nicholas Ally


Rugby League 

Best Back Player Award: Jacob Cordtz

Best Forward Player Award: John Salatielu

Senior Coaches Award: Chase Eli

Intermediate Coaches Award: Bailey Singleton

The “Victorian Rugby League Cup” Best and Fairest:
Davea Teoteo

The “Melbourne Storm Development Cup” Best and Fairest:
Seuiavatele Seuiavatele


Touch Football

Best and Fairest Award:
Chauntea Coe (Female) & Chase Eli (Male)



Senior Cricketer of the Year: Carleen Ryan