Congratulations to the following students who have received awards for academic achievement in their chosen studies.

To the students who worked hard and are happy with their score, you should be proud of your achievements.

For those who may be disappointed, remember – the ATAR is the initial entry point for further education: nothing more and nothing less.
It is not the sum of who you are and who you will become. Life provides many entry points into satisfying work, study and relationships.

So be ready to recognise the next one and go forward into a bright future.

College Awards

Year 12 VCE High Achiever
Maddison Northern

Senior VCAL High Achiever
Aaron Hopkins

Year 11 VCE High Achiever
Samantha Shiels

Intermediate VCAL High Achiever
Katrina Arnel

Rivergum Award
Kasey Mobourne

Long Tan Defence Force Award
Jennifer Ung

Community Participation in the Visual Arts Award
Zelmira Kudret

Liam Bourke Award
Cosimo Anagnostou

Deakin Technology Award
Rosalina Suá and Boden Kempin

Long Tan Defence Force Award
Taylah Budd

Caltex All Rounder Award
Jacinta Baker

Community Spirit Award
Taylah Budd

Hallam Community Spirit Award
Jesse Boswell

Outstanding Academic Achievement (3 or more teacher nominated subject awards)
Maddison Northern (4), Paritosh Raman (3) and Sloan Sudiro (3)

Sub School Leader's Award: Art/Humanities
Rosalina Suá

Sub School Leader's Award: Traditional Trades
Shantelle Hogan

Sub School Leader's Award: Sports Health Sciences
Basira Mozafari

VCE Units 3 & 4

Accounting: Paritosh Raman
Art: Hajar  Haouti
Biology: Sarah Shugg
Business Management: Mitchell Knowles
Chemistry    Units: Paritosh Raman
Classical Studies: Brianna Bailey
Drama: Slone Sudiro
Product Design And Technology – Textiles: Emily Peters
Product Design And Technology – Wood: Jake Cowan
English: Jake Cowan
English (Eal): Mohammad Jawad Razai
Food And Technology: Danielle Bourke
Health And Human Development: Maddison Northen
History: Revolutions    : James Moutsakis
It Applications: Boden Kempin
It Software Development: Thomas Romanjuk
Literature: Maddison Northen
Legal Studies: Arasee Sungalee
Maths – Further Mathematics: Lyanne Morel
Maths – Mathematical Methods (Cas): Mackai Holland
Media: Slone Sudiro
Outdoor And Environmental Studies: Jenna Edwards
Physical Education: Benedict Halfpenny
Physics: Paritosh Raman
Philosophy: Kayla Croft
Psychology: Maddison Northen
Studio Arts – Photography: Sarah Crawley
Studio Arts – Digital Media: Slone Sudiro
Studio Arts – Mixed Media: Jocelyn Montecinos
Sociology: Maddison Northen
Visual Communication Design: Jocelyn Montecinos

VCE Units 1 & 2

Biology:  Travis Reid
Business Management: Supriya Singh
Chemistry: Paul Ah Kuoi
Classical Studies: Paul Ah Kuoi
Drama: Nativity Maka
Product Design & Technology – Wood: Katrina Arnel
Product Design & Technology – Textiles: Gemma Coley 
English: Trent Thomas
English (Eal): Basira Mozafari
Food And Technology: Samatha Shiels
Health And Human Development: Lochlan Lyness
Information Technology: Dejan Devic
Literature: Meghan Bourke
Legal Studies: Supriya Singh
Maths: General Mathematics: Katirina Arnel
Maths: Foundation Mathematics: Brianna Falzon
Maths: Mathematical Methods (Cas): Naqi Haidari
Media: Ashtyn Miles 
Outdoor And Environmental Studies: Joshua Willuweit
Physical Education: Dylan Hayes
Physics: Nicholas Haberle 
Psychology: Gladys Makuwira
Sociology: Aimee Bailey
Visual Communication Design: Maxwell Chew

VET Year 2

Certificate II in Automotive: Jake Skilton
Certificate II in Building & Construction: Anthony Medjeri
Certificate II in Building & Construction: Saifullah Hussein Khil
Certificate II in Community Service: Briana Lacey 
Certificate II in Community Service: Rebeca Pop 
Certificate II in Furniture: Pavel Spasov 
Certificate II in Furniture: Charlie Saba 
Certificate III in Hairdressing: Megan Hobson
Certificate II in Hospitality: Courtney Muller
Certificate II in Hospitality: Mathew Tepania
Certificate III in Information Technology: Boden Kempin 
Certificate III in Information Technology: Adrian Simon 
Certificate II in Integrated Technology: Daniel Grimm
Certificate III in Media: Zahra Batool 
Certificate III in Media: Jordan Ally 
Certificate III in Music: Lyanne Morel
Certificate III in Music: Eric Bradea
Certificate III in Sport & Recreation: Karlee Dale
Certificate III in Sport & Recreation: Jake Skilton
Certificate III in Visual Arts: Sarah Shugg
Certificate II in Retail Make Up: Meltem Cosan
Certificate III in Visual Arts: Rebeca Pop

VET Year 1

Certificate II in Automotive: Jason Edtmaier & Ryan Kirby
Certificate II in Building & Construction: Kale Armstrong & Kyle Kiss Balasa 
Certificate II in Business: Brianna Falzon & Cassidy Heins
Certificate II in Community Service: Samantha Shiels & Rhiannon Dally 
Certificate II in Furniture: Zakaria Forsythe & Katrina Arnel 
Certificate II in Hairdressing: Taylor Vasiljevic & Chloe Payden
Certificate II in Hospitality: Samantha Shiels & Laila Haidary
Certificate II in Information Technology: Ghulam Abbas & Bradley Wood
Certificate II in Integrated Technology: James Paligorov & Brad Bruno
Certificate II in Retail Make Up: Cassidy Mullett & Shannea Etheve
Certificate III in Allied Health: Skye Houston
Certificate III in Media: Bailey Sirianni & Dylan Mason 
Certificate III in Sport & Recreation: Skye Houston & Mary Fonua 
Certificate III in Technical Production: Niall Garrett & Jayden Dean
Certificate III in Visual Arts    : Ashley Possard & Kate Love

Year 10

AVID: Scott Kinsey
Colour My World: Zelmire Kudret
English: Nathan Malloy
Essential Science: Josh Carrol
Food Glorious Food: Jarrod Collins
Faster, Higher, Stronger: Matthew Cheo
Flair For Design: Taylor Vasiljevic
Global Food Adventures: Abiel Arojado
Information Technology: Michael Levenderis
Mathematics: Allidah Duiker
Photography: Chloe Lacko
Protecting the Road User: Tiffany Brodie
Real Life Maths: Robbie McMillan
Sports Program AFL: Tom Agar
Sports Program Basketball: Shannon Gloury
Strange Minds: Mikayla Wells
Try A Trade Automotive & Electrical: Curtis Millen
World Of Work: Nathan Malloy
Writing and the Media: Rebecca Heppell