Congratulations to the following students who have received awards for academic achievement in their chosen studies.

To the students who worked hard and are happy with their score, you should be proud of your achievements.

For those who may be disappointed, remember – the ATAR is the initial entry point for further education: nothing more and nothing less.

It is not the sum of who you are and who you will become. Life provides many entry points into satisfying work, study and relationships.

So be ready to recognise the next one and go forward into a bright future.


Special Awards

Year 12 Highest Achiever (College Dux): Wais Yaqubi

Year 12 VCAL Highest Achiever: Meagan Wallace

Year 11 VCE Highest Achiever: Zobair Yaqubi

Year 11 VCAL Highest Achiever: Emma Parker

Year 10 Highest Achiever: Jenna Edwards

Caltex All-rounder Award: Martin Zengbean

Community Spirit Award: Martin Zengbean

Rivergum Award: Corey Pendry

Liam Bourke Memorial Award: James Harmes

Deakin Aspiration Award: Keenan Pessamino

Endeavour Grant: Mahgul Nourozi

Endeavour Grant: Zakaria Shafane

Transition Award: Qasim Khan

Long Tan Defence Force Awards:

David Vea, Nicholas Mathers & Mariana Mika


Unit 3 & 4 Awards

Accounting: Arif Hazara

Art: Ruby Jiao

Biology: Ainslee Jabbour

Business Management: Emily Miller

Chemistry: David Mulhall

Classical Societies: Natalie Byrgiotis

Product Design & Technology – Textiles: Sonia Grosu

Product Design & Technology – Wood: Frasier Lam

English: Wais Yaqubi

English as a Second Language: Chan Vu Truong

Food and Technology: Jalen Santos

Health and Human Development: Holly Webber

IT Applications: Ahmad Shash

Software Development: Ivan Ristov

Literature: Mohammad Hadi Hazara

Legal Studies: Kobra Moradi

Further Mathematics: Zobair Yaqubi

Specialist Mathematics: Nick MacDonald

Mathematics Methods: Nick MacDonald

Media: Nathan Wright

Outdoor & Environmental Studies: Cade Marshall

Physical Education: Nick MacDonald

Physics: Ivan Ristov

Philosophy: Daniel Blundell

Psychology: Cade Marshall

Studio Arts – Multi-Media: Aidyn Hudson

Studio Arts – Photography: Isabella Rascovici

Systems Engineering: Ivan Ristov

Theatre Studies: Holly Webber

Visual Communication and Design: Tiffany Lanyon


Yr 12 VCAL

VCAL Senior Literacy: Tyson Constable

VCAL Senior Numeracy: Meagan Wallace

VCAL Senior Numeracy: Abbie Duncan

VCAL Senior Personal Development: Eva Kurtukoff

VCAL Senior Personal Development: Mark Walsh

VCAL Senior Personal Development: Dion Brehaut


Yr 12 VET

VET Automotive: Nick Mather

VET Building & Construction: Paul Amataga

VET Business: Ainslee Jabour

VET Community Services: Eufemia Vong

VET Dance: Natasha Banford

VET Integrated Technologies: Daniel Mason

VET Hairdressing: Cassie Dimond

VET Hospitality (Operations): Andrew Hatch

VET Information Technology: Lindsay Sudiro

VET Interactive Digital Media: Ian Ah Po

VET Sport & Recreation: Nick MacDonald

VET Sport & Recreation: Chloe McMillan


Unit 1& 2 Awards

Accounting: Yee Tam ( Gleneagles)

Art: Adam Raines

Biology: Michelle Lebon

Business Management: Sarah Stinson

Chemistry: Zobair Yaqubi

Classical Societies: Diandra Giroletti

Drama: Shae Peterson

English: Kobra Moradi

English as a Second Language: Masroor Jafari

Food and Technology: Emily Miller

Health and Human Development: Sara Hodzic

History Twentieth Century: Jonathon Abakumov

Information Technology: Simon Habib

Literature: Kobra Moradi

General Mathematics: Ali Qasimi

Foundation Mathematics: Emily Miller

Mathematics Methods: Mohammed Reza Hassani.

Media: Boris Ackar

Outdoor & Environmental Studies: Laura Sheppard

Physical Education: Jenna Edwards

Physics: Zobair Yaqubi

Philosophy: Shalini Rambukwella

Product Design & Technology – Textiles: Kristen Peters

Product Design & Technology – Wood: Emil Gonzaga

Psychology: Michelle Lebon

Studio Arts – General: Mohamed Chamas

Studio Arts – Photography: Toni Black

Systems Engineering: Dillon Betts

Sociology: Jessica Lainez Callejas

Theatre Studies: Shari Talo

Visual Commmunication and Design: Mohamed Chamas


Yr 11 VCAL

VCAL Intermediate Literacy: Maddie McManus

VCAL Intermediate Numeracy: Andrew Lawless

VCAL Personal Development Skills: Emma Parker


Yr 11 VET

VET Automotive: Adam Hill

VET Building & Construction: Ben Lord

VET Business: Abbeygail Kelly

VET Community Services: Natalie Meier

VET Dance: Jessica Derkarcs

VET Integrated Technology: Aaron King

VET Furniture Making: Mitchell Dempster

VET Hair and Beauty: Jamie Bell

VET Hairdressing: Elias Qumsieh

VET Hospitality (Operations): Emily Miller

VET Information Technology: Zobair Yaqubi

VET Music: Adam Battye

VET Interactive Digital Media: Jessica Steele

VET Retail Make-up & Skin Care: Eva Madjar

VET Sport & Recreation: Ebony Miller

VET Visual Arts & Contemporary Crafts: Messiah Padilla


Year 10 Awards

Alive: Maddison Northern

Applied Science: Arishma Devi

Blood And Bones: Hajar Haouti

Building and Construction: Luke Mason

Essential English: Shelby Webber

English: Jenna Edwards

English Second Languag: Nyatet Wiew

Flair For Design: Robert Harley

Gizmos, Gadgets and Inventions:

Paristosh Raman

Gladiators of Sport: Matt Hayden

Green Machine: Sarah Crawley

iDesign: Jessica Lewis

Make, Bake and Decorate: Messiah Padilla

Mathematics: Makara Neang

My Business Rules: Paritosh Raman

Physical Challenge: Jenna Edwards

Pyjama Party: Jessica Lewis

Real Life Maths: Jessica McFarland

Shoot, Develop, Edit, Print: Jack Karena

Software Detectives: Ali Qasimi

Strange Minds: Emily MacDonald

World Of Work: Sarah Crawley