The first edition of ‘HALLAM CAREER NEWS’ has been published and is available in hard copy at the front office, library and careers hub.  It contains information about a range of pathways for students to consider and important information for year 12 students about tertiary courses. It will be available fortnightly.

Students in Year 10 Semester 1 World of Work classes are already planning for their Mock Interviews in April and their Work Experience Placement in May.  There is also an opportunity for 20 students to go to HMAS Cerberus to experience a day in the life of a Navy recruit and obtain general information about joining the ADF.

Students in Year 11 are encouraged to take the opportunity of doing some work experience during term breaks in April, July and September.  Spending 3 or 4 days in a few different workplaces throughout the year will give them valuable experience that can be included on the Resumes.  Voluntary activities are also encouraged and enhance applications for some courses at the end of year 12.  All year 11 students will have an opportunity to attend the large Melbourne Careers EXPO  in August.

Year 12 VCE students will be attending the AGE VCE and CAREERS EXPO in May and a Tertiary Information Service [TIS], event in June.  Likewise, they should also take opportunities for Work experience and Volunteering during term breaks.

Many students in year 11 and 12, completing a VET subject are engaged for one day per week in the workplace under a Structured Workplace Learning arrangement. This SWL is similar to a work experience but is directly related to the VET that they are studying.