The Year 10 curriculum options at Hallam Senior College are extensive. They have been designed to cater for a diverse range of students with a large variety of interests.

Not all students arrive at Hallam knowing their preferred pathway so Year 10 studies provide the opportunity for students to taste options and then establish their preferred pathway. Student groups are arranged to allow students to access the specialisms and engage in academy offerings.

Year 10 focuses on students incorporating independent learning skills, readying them for their final senior years.

The Year 10 curriculum is set up in 4 areas:

  • Core subjects: English and Maths.
  • Core Electives: The Arts, Humanities, Science and Health and P.E.
  • Electives: Creative and Performing Arts and Technology.
  • The MAX Program: Applied Learning, social and personal capabilities.


Learning Pathways


The Year 10 MAX Program is undertaken by all students each week. The program is based on 2 aspects:

Applied Learning – succinct 5 week rotating units to allow all students to experience all pathway options.

Social Capabilities – 5 week rotating units focusing on personal development, communication, community and the world of work.


A clear and detailed pathway is developed for each student as they move from Year 10 to Year 11 and 12.

Each all Year 10 students participate in extensive counselling to choose units of study as part of their pathway plan for the senior years. Year 10 students are supported in making this transition to senior school by a full and rigorous interview and program selection program.

All Year 10 students are required to undertake work experience and have the opportunity to undertake some external vocational studies so they have a genuine exposure to the real world of work.