Sub Schools for effective learning and wellbeing

Hallam Senior College understands that a student’s achievements are linked to their social and emotional wellbeing.  We endeavour to build effective relationships with students and their families in order to enhance wellbeing and therefore achievement.

For this reason, we have organised the College into Sub Schools to assist the process of relationship building.  Every student at Hallam Senior College belongs to a Sub School depending upon the learning program that they have selected. These Sub Schools are the cornerstone of pastoral care and administration for students and their families. Students in each Sub School have a dedicated team who know them well and follow their progress.

Sub Schools are formed around groups of Programs. Students are divided into Sub Schools based on their programs/choice.


The Sub Schools are:

  • Year 10
  • Arts, Humanities, Trades & Technologies
  • Sport, Health, Science, IT & Commerce

If you are unsure which Sub School the student belongs to it will be printed on the top of their time table or the general office will advise.

Click here for Key Contacts within each Sub School.


Engagement Officers

Each Sub School has an Engagement Officer who is the primary contact for most day to day student attendance issues.

We encourage students and their parents/carers to make contact with the Engagement Officer whenever there is any issue that might affect a student’s attendance or experience at school. (Please see Attendance Policy on the College website)  The Engagement Officer will ensure that you are referred to the most appropriate Sub School staff member depending upon the issue that you raise.

Student absence

Please note that it is expected that parents will make contact with the Sub School whenever the student is absent from school.