The innovation academy provides the opportunity for those with a passion for Science, Engineering, IT or the Trades to undertake project based opportunities working with industry experts.

The Hallam Senior College Innovation Academy is a select entry program.

Critical thinking, team work, problem solving and digital literacy are some of the most important capabilities being required by potential employers.

The Innovation Academy is not further study; rather it is like minded students undertaking projects which challenge and excite their passions. Many of these projects will lead onto competitions.

The program curriculum is designed to provide students with opportunities to accelerate and enhance their learning, challenge them by promoting critical thinking, and extending the students beyond the expected level by undertaking applied learning.

The innovation academy will have a series of themes which participants can elect to in. These include:
1.     Undertaking Microsoft certifications
2.     Participating in IT Gaming and other competitions
3.     Exploring the problems and possibilities in the world of Science and Technology
4.     Preparing for technological challenges such as World Skills trades competitions, Solar Car and Human Powered Vehicle challenge

The program is intended for students who have shown consistent academic aptitude and display the following characteristics:

  • Able to work independently as well as work in a group
  • Be responsible for their learning and be self-motivated
  • Are good at problem-solving, analysing, evaluating and reflecting
  • High level of maturity and commitment


At various times throughout the year, students participate in competitions in many subject areas. Involvement in these provides opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and to be challenged.

Advantages for students

  • Opportunity to work with ‘like minds’
  • Improved motivation and confidence
  • Greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills
  • More advanced and complex tasks
  • Faster paced curriculum
  • Increased levels of challenge whilst still feeling connected to the rest of the year level


Application for entry into the Innovation Academy is available to students who are enrolling into Hallam Senior College. Students must undertake an interview and be accepted into the program.

Applications must be made through the Innovation Enrolment form. Each of the 3 Hallam Based Academies – Sport, Creative and Performing Arts, Innovation have charges to cover the cost of the programs. The charges for Innovation will be identified and will be dependent on the theme the student wishes to follow:

  • IT
  • Science and Technology.
  • Technological Challenges – World Skills


All costs for programs at Hallam Senior College will be provided with enrolment details in Term 4 2020.