The College School Council requires students enrolled at Hallam Senior College to follow a dress code.

All students are required to wear the correct College uniform to and from the College, at the College and for all College activities unless advised by the Principal. All students are required to dress neatly, modestly and safely whilst undertaking any College based activity.

Students should note that failure to comply with the Dress Code is considered to be a breach of their responsibilities as a student of Hallam Senior College.

Students are required to dress as follows:
Students wear the following uniform items supplied by the College uniform supplier: White College Polo shirt (long / short sleeved) with logo College Dress Or Sports Academy Polo Shirt (Sports Academy Students only)

Students wear any combination of the following items supplied by the College uniform supplier:
College hooded windcheater with school logo College Rugby top with school logo College Jumper with school logo College jacket / coat College Sleeveless parker Yr 12 commemoration windcheater (Year 12s only) Or Full Sports Academy uniform (Sports Academy Students only) Tracksuit pants with the College logo, shorts with the College logo.

*No other shirt, jumper, windcheater, hooded windcheater, jacket or coat is permitted. Only plain, white tee shirts or skivvies may be worn for extra warmth underneath the uniform polo top.

Students may wear any selection of the following items to be purchased from store of own choice:
Plain navy or black trousers / pants / slacks Plain navy skirt – mid thigh or longer Plain navy or black tailored shorts – mid thigh or longer

*No denim, no obvious stripes, no belly or bottom showing, no leggings or similar body hugging pants, skirts or shorts. Hems must not drag along the ground for OHS reasons.

Please refer to this pdf for a visual explanation


Uniform for VET subjects

Please ensure that you are wearing the correct uniform when attending your VET subject. This is vital for OH &S reasons. However, you should not wear this uniform when undertaking other classes. For example, it is not appropriate to wear playing uniform except during Sport and Rec, no overalls except during Building and Construction. Jewellery, make-up and hair colouring. Jewellery, make–up and hair colouring should not be extreme. Visible piercings should be limited to small sized earrings/ studs and nose studs as any others have potential to cause injury.



The school has a responsibility to take appropriate measures to minimise the risks associated when placing the student in a range of environments on the school site. Under ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ guidelines in relation to safety and footwear, schools require students to be wearing substantial footwear deemed safe. Unsafe shoes include those with openings; platform or high heels; shoes made from materials that do not provide adequate protection. We at Hallam Senior College (the Principal, teaching staff and School Association) have developed a uniform policy, in conjunction with the OHS guidelines, ensuring safety and comfort for all our students.

School shoes worn with navy or black trousers / pants / slacks are to be all black; the entire foot is to be enclosed by the shoe, including the upper section of the foot; the shoe is to have a stout sole and firm uppers; and, the shoe is to have low heels. School shoes worn with College tracksuit pants or College shorts are to be sports / athletic runners, they must be adequate for participation in sporting activity. Please keep in mind that choosing the correct sports shoes for your child will enhance their physical activity and provide sound protection for their feet and body.

Don’t forget: School shoes are to be all black; the entire foot is to be enclosed by the shoe, including the upper section of the foot; the shoe is to have a stout sole and firm uppers; and, the shoe is to have low heels.



Scarves, hijabs, hats, caps, gloves, socks and tights are to be in plain navy with no logos/ labels. *It is expected that hats and hoods be removed when inside.


Uniform Shop

Ongoing Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday 12.30 – 2pm,
Thursday 12.30 – 2.30pm.

The uniform shop is located at the College and items can be purchased directly from the shop or ordered online for school collection.

Please contact the College if you require assistance with this matter.