Hallam Senior College utilises a variety of computer technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 and Compass in the classroom. Although students are not required, they are highly encouraged to participate in the Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD) offered by the College.

The BYOD Program enables students to bring their own device to school each day to be used in the classroom to support their education.


Purchasing a Device

To help support students to participate in the BYOD Program, Hallam Senior College has selected Edunet a specialised computer reseller that excels at supporting educational devices for students. Edunet have built a customised purchasing portal for our College and we have worked together to select a number of devices that we consider the best option for students attending our College. The devices on the portal selected based on a number of criteria’s; ruggedness, size and weight, internal hardware, price, battery life and supportability for the life cycle of the device. The portal also simplifies the purchasing process for parents

The purchasing portal can be accessed at http://hallamssc.technologyportal.com.au
(please read the Parent information pack before proceeding to the portal)

Devices purchased via Ednuet include IT Support, onsite warranty repairs and software deployment and setup.  The Devices also comes ready for School with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and the Department of Education’s EduSTAR Secondary College application suite. To simplify delivery, parents and student will receive an SMS notifying when they can collect the device directly from the College.


Protecting the Device

Edunet also offers Accidental Damage Repair Insurance and Protection at time of purchase, this helps protect the device against mishaps that occur and this can help you ensure you child’s device remains in excellent working order for their duration at the College. Parents are also encouraged to purchase a proactive case for the device; these are available on the portal at time of purchase.


Financial Hardship

We understand that purchasing a device is a significant investment for some families. Further information regarding interest free financing via Casey North Community network can be found in the BYOD – Parent Info pack’.


Loan Devices

We also understand that students sometimes have issues with their device, to support the BYOD Program. Hallam Senior College has invested in a limited number of devices that are available for loan each day from the College library. For students to be able to borrow a device they will need to have consent from their parent or guardian, these forms are available from the library. Any damage or loss to the device will be the parent’s responsibility, costing for repair or replacement are detailed in the form.

BYOD Daily Loan Agreement Form


Parent Information Pack

For all the information you need, please download the our BYOD Parent Information 2022 pack


  • Summary
  • Getting a Device (3 options available)
  • Using the device
  • Technical support procedures
  • Using Digital technologies
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Acceptable Use

Students who are in breach of the Acceptable use Agreement may lose their right to Bring Their Own Device to School.

For further information, please refer to the ‘Acceptable Use Agreement’ available on the website.



Purchases made through the portal are private financial transactions between you and Edunet. Hallam Senior College does not receive any commission or other benefit for your purchase via the portal.