2022 Student Leaders

Student Leadership

Our students are encouraged to make decisions, take on responsibility and have an input into the direction of the College. Our staff value the opinions of the many young and creative minds and are constantly amazed by the inspiring ideas and the capable organisation they display. Developing a culture of collaboration ensures a mutual respect between teachers and students and continues to create a school environment which we we can be proud of.


Congratulations to the following students who are our Student Leadership Team for 2022.

College Captains: Alex Zehreddine and Tahnee Smith

Vice captains: Cooper Walkington and Laylah Berhe

Student Voice & Events Captain: Cassandra Augustus

COE – Sport Captain: Jake Hodgson

COE – CAPA Captain: Tristan Reinsma

Academic Excellence Captain: Dylan Grizancicahnee

Year 11 Student Leaders: Lily Ancilleri, Jamison Drake, Florence Faliu, Lara Goodman-Hancock, Monique Rosca & Chiara Whibley


Our student leaders are responsible for upholding, promoting and role modelling the values of the College, especially appropriate behaviour, appearance and assisting with organisation of events promoting the College.

The student leadership team also represent the student body at all formal functions both internally and to the wider community.

Collectively this team, will also help to ensure that we have more events and activities to make Hallam Senior College a more interesting, exciting, relevant and welcoming place for the students who attend, as well as their families, and the staff who work here.

We welcome their energy and new ideas and believe they can continue the positive changes that have already started to take place this year. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the service they have chosen to give to our school community.