Student Leadership

The College’s philosophy for student leadership is based on the values of ‘Respect, Responsibility & Relationships’.

Our students are encouraged to make decisions, take on responsibility and have an input into the direction of the College. Our staff value the opinions of the many young and creative minds and are constantly amazed by the inspiring ideas and the capable organisation they display. Developing a culture of collaboration ensures a mutual respect between teachers and students and continues to create a school environment which we we can be proud of.

At Hallam Senior College students are divided into one of four Sub Schools. The Sub Schools are the cornerstone of communication and administration for students and their families.

School Captains, Sub School Captains and their Vice Captains are a vital link between students and staff, providing a representative voice for all students to assist College management with continual improvement of student well being, school processes and policies.

Our student leaders are responsible for upholding, promoting and role modelling the Code of Conduct and the values of the College, especially appropriate behaviour, appearance and assisting with organisation of events promoting the College.

The School Captains, Sub School Captains and their Vice Captains also represent the student body at all formal functions both internally and to the wider community.


Congratulations to the following students who are our Student Leadership Team for 2019.


School Captains

Paige Formaran & Georgia Kristalyn


Sub School Captains

Arts and Humanities Sub School
Julia Pajvancic

Science, IT and Commerce Sub School
Sadaf Rezai

Sports and Health Science Sub School
Shaneece Stratton & Helen-Margaret Ashin

Technology and Trades Sub School
Quentin Dwyer

SRC Captain
Megan Nunn