In the coming weeks we will be giving students free access to online, on-demand personalised study help, called ‘yourtutor’.

We believe each child is exceptional. That’s why we provide online, on-demand study help, called ‘yourtutor’, to build confidence, enquiry-based thinking, and provide even more opportunities for students to be engaged with learning, even after the bell goes in the afternoon.

This live, online, after-hours homework centre ‘yourtutor’ has been the trusted name across Australia in schools and governments for over ten years.

We offer access to yourtutor because:

  • We believe learning can happen anywhere, anytime.
  • We know families have busy schedules already, without even more travel and appointments.
  • Digital literacy and appropriate online behaviour are vital skills.
  • We believe in using online resources that are practical, not just for show.

Given its popularity in recent years, we know families will be using the school’s yourtutor service this year too. Parents of new students should also take a look when your child uses it for the first time.


More information

yourtutor is live, one-to-one, on-demand online help during study. The moment your child has a question– English, essay writing, maths, science, and more – there is a real-life, expert Australian tutor online, ready to help, 3pm – 10pm Sunday through Friday.

We have often heard it can be stressful for parents to try to help with all their child’s homework, especially during senior school and at varying hours of the evening. With yourtutor, a little help is always a click away and we hope it provides some household support as well as student learning.


Who are the real-life, online staff?

The online tutors are Australian teachers or university experts, located across the country. The online staff must go through all necessary checks and a stringent application process, to make sure only the best are allowed in the network.


Activation codes and login instructions will be supplied to families in the coming weeks.