The College Values provide the foundations to shape opportunities for all students through the provision of high quality teaching and learning. Our focus is linking learning to life’s opportunities through quality teaching, high expectations and real and relevant experiences. Students are at the centre of our practice.

Our values are explicit and drive our everyday conversations with students. The five values are:


  • Ready for and valuing learning
  • Establishing and pursuing personal goals
  • Having high aspirations and meeting college expectations
  • Punctuality – to school and class


  • Interactions which are positive
  • Demonstrating empathy toward others.
  • Valuing and celebrating achievements
  • Building strong connections with teachers, students and the college community


  • Exhibiting good manners to all members of the college community
  • Caring for ourselves and others
  • Caring for the college environment
  • Valuing diversity in our college and the wider community


  • A growth mindset: positive actions, behaviours, words and choices
  • Working hard each day and to the best of your ability
  • Meeting deadlines by completing all tasks on time including homework
  • Representing the college in a positive manner including the appropriate wearing of the uniform


  • Active and positive participation
  • Where constructive feedback is expected as part of our growth
  • A college and individual confidence of never giving up
  • A college wide philosophy of “what we walk by is what we accept”