Last Thursday evening, the final farewell to the Year 12 students occurred with our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony held at Doveton College. 

The skies turned black, the rain was torrential, and the wind was howling, however nothing was going to upset this event. At one stage it looked as though a graduation for the Year 12 of 2021, was going the same way as all the other events of 2021. The lockdown and inability to hold large gatherings restricted the ability to hold large events. 

From the initial idea of holding the Graduation outdoors in the lower courtyard under a marquee, to having students only in the theatre as per 2020, the final decision of using Doveton College and the Agora, turned out to be a winner. (Imagine the marquee idea with the storms!!!!!) 

The setting turned out to be intimate enough and with the skills of the Doveton Live team, the night went off without any major hitches. The program showcased our performers and gave the students the final farewell they deserved. 

With over 380 in attendance, the parents, guardians and students enjoyed the evening. Signing in, showing your vaccination status all became the new normal. The new awards – The Principal’s and John Lyall Awards were announced for the first time. John was extremely proud of having an award named after him, a fitting tribute to a long serving and instrumental member of staff for nearly 2 decades. 

Well done to all for the work that went into the evening and success it was for all the Hallam community.

Congratulations to the class of 2021 – you got through Year 12 in a pandemic – you can do anything!