At the end of each school year Hallam Senior College presents awards to student who have excelled in their studies. Our Awards Evenings are chance for staff to gather with each family and celebrate the achievements of our fantastic students.

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students who have now finished their Secondary Education and are about to embark on their next adventures.

To the students who worked hard and are happy with their results, you should be proud of your achievements. For those who may be disappointed, remember that life provides many entry points into satisfying work, study and relationships. So be ready to recognise the next one and go forward into a bright future.

Congratulations to the following award winners.


College Awards

VCE Highest Achiever (College Dux)
Student who received the highest ATAR for 2018.
Awarded to: Faraidoon Alimi


VCAL Highest Achiever
Student nominated by staff who through their effort and enthusiasm has achieved the highest results in their VCAL Certificate.
Awarded to: Shanleigh Scott


ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award
Presented to: Luke Scott


ACE Foundation Encouragement Award Winners:
Connor Olsson
Rhys Marven
Noah Andrew
Troy Tiley
Gabriel Reedy-Bartlett
Monson Solofuti



Year 12 Awards

Art: Sarah Brearley

Biology: Faraidoon Alimi

Business Management: Navarre Haisila

Chemistry: Faraidoon Alimi

Commputing – Software Development: Calvin Nguyen

Drama: Jay Gorsuch

EAL (English): Shaharyar Ahmed

English: Faraidoon Alimi

Health and Human Development: Luke Scott

Legal Studies: Faraidoon Alimi

Literature: Joshua De Koning

Maths – Further Mathematics: Mohammad Ahmadi

Maths – Mathematical Methods: Faraidoon Alimi

Media: Sajeda Zaki

Outdoor and Environmental Studies: Alexandra (Ally) Gray

Philosophy: Jayden Marvin

Physical Education: Cooper Andrews

Physics: Shaharyar Ahmed

Psychology: Jayden Marven

Systems Engineering: Cihan Sener


VET: Automotive Studies: Badley Bugeja

VET: Building and Construction: Andy Tith

VET: Business: Mikayla Waddell

VET: Community Services: Madalyn Rowlands

VET: Creative and Digital Media: Jarrod Luxmoore

VET: Furnishing: Trevor Hudswell

VET: Hair and Beauty: Sarah Brearley

VET: Health Services: Alexandra (Ally) Gray

VET: Intergrated Technologies: Jordan Potter

VET: Music and Sound Production: Rachael Ward

VET: Information, Digital Media & Technology: Benjamin Stewart

VET: Sport and Recreation: Alexandra (Ally) Gray

VET: Visual Arts: Chelsey Stanciu


VCAL Senior Literacy: Seth Lehmann

VCAL Senior Numeracy: Chantelle Crew

VCAL Senior Personal Development Skills: Shanleigh Scott


Year 11 Awards 

Art 2: Mellisa Khat

Drama 2: Paige Formaran

Drama 2: Megan Nunn

English 2: Paige Formaran

English 2: Hayley Hogg

English 2: Amy Sobotker

General Mathematics 2: Venessa Eid

General Mathematics 2: Paige Formaran

General Mathematics 2: Hayley Hogg

Health & Human Development 2: Julia Pajvancic

Legal Studies 2: Paige Formaran

Psychology 2: Paige Formaran

VCAL Foundation Maths 2: Breah Sullivan

VCE/VET Hospitality: Kitchen Operations 2: Paige Formaran

VCE/VET Information, Digital Media & Technology 2: Ryna    Nurse

VET Visual Arts 2: Bailey Mather

VET Visual Arts 2: Riley Mattock

VET Visual Arts 2: Angelita Stewart


Year 10 Awards

Media 2: Harrison Rogers

Psychology 2: Kayley Clarke

VCE/VET Sport & Recreation General – Coaching 2: Ariana Hollis

VET Plumbing 2: Shameel Sharma


Year 10 Alive: Jasmine Tepuia

Year 10 Beauty Blitz: Madeline Vivian

Year 10 Blood and Bones (Biology): Chloe Babet

Year 10 Blood and Bones (Biology): Abhay Jhade

Year 10 Employment Pathways: Zahid Hussein Khil

Year 10 English: Brett Millward

Year 10 English: Maddison Parker

Year 10 English as Another Language: Ali Mardan

Year 10 Flight of the Drones (Physics): Ali Mardan

Year 10 General Mathematics 2: Benjamin Roxas

Year 10 Gladiators of Sport (History): Harley Fairbank

Year 10 Gladiators of Sport (History): Brett Millard

Year 10 Gladiators of Sport (History): Rose Semisi

Year 10 Gladiators of Sport (History): Tukumate Teaka

Year 10 Mathematical Methods 2: Abhay Jhade

Year 10 Mathematics (Excel): Kayley Clarke

Year 10 Mathematics (Excel): Benjamin Roxas

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Riley Allan

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Lauren Antonucci

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Khiara Di Salvatore

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Gavin Early

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Harley Fairbank

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Hunter Lehmann

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Jessica Mason

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Shane Merry

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Brett Millward

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Harrison Rogers

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Luke Rowlands

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Rose Semisi

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Monson Solofuti

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Tukumate Teaka

Year 10 Mathematics (General): Oliver Ufnalski

Year 10 My Business Rules: Callum Osborne

Year 10 Photography: Jaysen Dale

Year 10 Photography: Dakota De Santis

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Claudia Boehme

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Taylan Cooper

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Brayden Gyore

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Max Keene

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Thomas Russell

Year 10 Real Life Maths: Jasmine Tepuia

Year 10 Specialist STEM: Kayley Clarke

Year 10 Specialist STEM: Elizabeth Halton

Year 10 Specialist STEM: Ali Mardan

Year 10 Specialist STEM: Benjamin Roxas

Year 10 Sports Program AFL: Dale Broughton

Year 10 Sports Program AFL: Harrison Rogers

Year 10 Sports Science: Maddison Parker

Year 10 Strange Minds (Psychology): Kayley Clarke

Year 10 Strange Minds (Psychology): Maddison Parker

Year 10 Try A Trade: Build & Production Design: Samuel Clift

Year 10 Try A Trade: Electronics: Isam Lumani